Comprehensive Plan: Chapter 7, Economic Development

Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) was hired to prepare a nine-element Comprehensive Plan and Major Transportation Plan for the City of Murfreesboro; a city in central Tennessee with a 2015 resident population of approximately 124,745 persons, projected to grow to over 228,000 persons by 2035. The planning area consisted of the lands within the City limits and Urban Growth Boundary, a total area of approximately 115,000 acres.
The Comprehensive Plan (currently under development) addresses key challenges the City faces in accommodating this profound growth projection (+/-100,000 persons), by providing a multitude of realistic and implementable strategies and recommendations, including: annexation policy guidance associated with the provision of utilities infrastructure outside of the City limits (in light of Public Chapter 1101); waste stream diversion as a means of prolonging the lifespan of the City’s landfill ; proposing a variety of affordable urban housing typologies as a means of retaining Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) talent and a growing young professional population; the provision of additional parks and recreation facilities, including a parkland dedication ordinance; partnering with MTSU to stimulate entrepreneurial business development through revolving load programs, incubators and innovation centers; establishing special districts, including Downtown, within which tax increment financing (TIF), payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) and other programs can be utilized to stimulate redevelopment activity; the establishment of an economic development and redevelopment divisions within the City’s Planning department; and incenting Class A office space.

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