Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) is a multi-disciplinary planning consultancy composed of seasoned professionals who specialize in assisting towns, cities and counties envision, prepare for, and implement their community’s preferred future.

Our focus is how people perceive, use, and feel about the everyday spaces and special places where they live, work, learn, shop and play; where they engage in public life; worship, seek solitude, inspiration and renewal; and how they move within and between these settings.
Central to KKC’s mission and professional practice is the premise that the future is create-able.

KKC provides the necessary policy and spatial planning strategies, tools and techniques to –

  • Aggressively pursue guiding and directing growth and development;
  • Encourage sustainable and equitable use of local and regional resources;
  • Ensure that development possesses qualities and values to improve economic well-being and enhance the quality of life;
  • Magnify a sense of place;
  • Promote community pride and strengthen neighborhood identity; and
  • Stimulate adaptive and resilient growth;