KKC’s comprehensive economic development services look to provide our clients with the necessary tools and assistance to realize their economic and job growth goals.  Our holistic strategies and services focus our experience and expertise to meet ever-changing community and regional economic concerns.  Together with our performance-based planning services, KKC provides our clients with a practical and solution-oriented approach to economic development.    

The following list highlights fundamental service areas necessary to ensuring long-term economic development success:

  • Demographic Analysis/Competitive Profile Development is typically the first phase of a strategic planning process.  However, in many cases, this is also done independently.  Our demographic analysis and competitive profile seeks to analyze a combination of data and factors that determine a community’s or region’s competitiveness and overall performance as a place to do business.
  • Strategic Planning is the process that lays out a detailed roadmap for economic development implementation.  Our strategic planning services focus on leveraging existing community and regional conditions and developing a prioritized action agenda to help achieve sustained community investment. 
  • Target Business Identification and Workforce Development Analysis helps determine and prioritize a community’s strongest job growth opportunities.  KKC’s approach is a unique blend of traditional cluster identification and a more robust approach that seeks to optimize job growth diversification by capitalizing on regional strengths and assets, including its workforce.  Understanding workforce trends in a particular place provides a better lens for identifying job growth opportunities than developable site identification and infrastructure needs assessments.  KKC firmly believes that a community’s ability to facilitate job growth depends on identifying gaps in workforce training and skill sets that may ultimately optimize a community’s capacity to market itself as having a highly-skilled and trainable workforce.  Naturally, this approach seeks to align strategic plans with target business sector and workforce development strategies.
  • Incentives are essential economic development drivers; prospects expect them and economic development organizations must be well-equipped to deliver them in a manner that is compatible with overall community goals.  Given their significance in business attraction, KKC provides incentive program comparison, benchmarking, research and analysis.  Our efforts center on the notion that incentives should always perform at a level that is consistent with economic development goals and objectives.
  • Market Research and Analysis are critical components of economic development programs and services.  At KKC, we believe in the strong connection between market-based plans and their implementation success.  KKC’s research and analysis takes on multiple perspectives, including the role of all of the major real estate decision-makers (i.e., developers, site selectors, brokers, lenders, owners, tenants, etc.).
  • Stakeholder Facilitation and Education are necessary in developing consensus around any particular economic development strategy.  KKC believes in a collaborative process that incorporates input from various community leaders and stakeholders.  KKC also works with economic development organizations whenever a more elaborate public engagement and education process is essential to achieving the economic development vision.

Across all of our economic development services, KKC focuses on implementable plans and strategies based on market awareness.

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