Kendig Keast Collaborative (“KKC”) brings a unique blend of planning and information technology experience. To serve our clients and to meet the exacting demands of our own staff, we have developed several unique computer applications, including a web-based ordinance (enCodePlus™).

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enCodePlus™ is a unique internet-based document editing and presentation system used for authoring, displaying, and managing all aspects of your land development regulations, zoning ordinances or entire municipal code.  From its humble beginnings as a stand-alone Windows PC Program and its evolution from ZoningPlusTM, enCodePlus™ has matured to meet the needs of an innovative and exacting group of code writers and their client communities. Now an internet “cloud-based” service, enCodePlus™ allows our clients to bring codification in-house which eliminates the long wait between the time an amendment is adopted and the time it’s published.

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