“This is really great work. I’m proud to be involved!”
Marty Hill, Chair, Planning and Zoning Commission | Centennial, CO


“KKC is a terrific firm of passionate, experience and thoughtful planners and plan implementers. They are a pleasure to work with, and their work products are excellent. I would be pleased to recommend them for any planning or plan implementation project.”
Mayor Henry Martinez | City of Zachary, LA


“We’ve been using the plan effectively for the growth of our city,” said Juan Lopez, director of planning and zoning. “I go back and look for things I can implement based on recommendations they made for us.”
Juan Lopez, Director of Planning and Zoning | City of Edinburg, Texas


“INDOT chose to invest a portion of its capital project funds in Valparaiso’s U.S. 30 improvements based on the quality of Valparaiso’s planning and the commitment the city has demonstrated through its redevelopment commission.”
Bob Zier, Chief of Staff | Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)


“The study has continued to be used as a tool to communicate the community’s vision to redevelop our city on time-tested principles of having a certrailized walkable destination plan.”
 John Isom, Executive Director | Waller Economic Development Corporation


“You did a great job. You especially handled the various perspectives with a whole lot of skill. You’ve obviously done this before. I would look forward to working with you all any time.”


“Others have studied our City Center area before, but these guys get it.”
Bernie Satterwhite, City Manager | City of Bellaire, TX


“It is most apparent that the KKC consulting team is solid from top to bottom and their base of knowledge on the planning process is without question.”
Chris Henderson, Development Services Manager | Ponca City, OK


“KKC staff always provided professional, courteous and energetic service. It would give me immense pleasure to work with Kendig Keast again, and I would highly recommend this firm to others in need of such service.”
Chris Coffman, City Manager | City of Sealy, TX


“KKC was extremely knowledgeable on the subject, innovative, efficient and professional. The written materials presented to City Council and P&Z were of the highest quality. KKC’s innovative use of GIS and 3D technologies to visually depict the potential impacts that some of the proposed zoning changes could have on the city was invaluable to the process. By using this technique, KKC could take a complicated piece of code and easily explain it with a visual that everyone could understand.”
Barkley Peschel, Vice President Development & Operations, Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Council | City of Stafford, TX


“Our experience with the new UDC was great. We not only received development approval in an efficient manner, but we also ended up with a better project, which will likely produce a better return on our investment. Thus, the UDC created a win-win scenario. It had enough flexibility and foresight to ensure that profit and protection of resources are not competing interests.”
Ross F. Berthelot, Broker/Owner | Prime Realty Group


“KKC went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we are comfortable with the UDO and its early implementation in many respects. KKC equipped the UDO with a creative and user-friendly set of access, publishing, and maintenance tools, as well as built-in calculators that ease the use of the UDO and its standards. This integration of technology into the UDO has been well received by users of the ordinance, as well as City staff and local decision-makers. “
Craig A. Phillips, AICP, Former Director of Planning | City of Valparaiso, IN

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