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The City of Williams is undertaking a comprehensive update to its General Plan with Kendig Keast and Development Impact, Inc. The City realized that the pending changes to the General Plan will necessitate changes to the zoning regulations in order to maintain the ordinance as the primary means of plan implementation. Updating the zoning regulations is a “reasonable and practical means for implementing the general plan … so that it will serve as an effective guide for orderly growth and development.”

The City realized that if the General Plan and zoning regulations are not in-sync, then the zoning regulations will tend to drive development in a manner that undermines the integrity of the General Plan. The purpose of the comprehensive zoning ordinance update is to create an ordinance that implements the City’s new General Plan and resolves some of the issues that the City faces with its current ordinance. The update will:

  • Provide concise, clear, internally consistent, and illustrated regulations;
  • Ensure consistency with California and Federal law;
  • Clarify and improve development review and administrative appeal procedures;
  • Address design and infill compatibility where appropriate, particularly in the City’s downtown; and
  • Incorporate standards that promote green building and smart growth

The Zoning Ordinance is only one tool for this community to implement its stated General Plan goal of preserving its unique character. The regulations are written to influence private development and work with the market rather than frustrate efforts. This is done by ensuring that character-based regulations are reasonable and clear to understand.


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