Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) represents the evolution of a partnership between Lane Kendig and Bret Keast, AICP, which began in 2003. We continue to build on the 35 year body of work established by Lane, a respected authority in the urban planning field, who retired from full-time practice in 2009 but remains a Strategic Advisor to the firm and its clients.

Kendig Keast Collaborative is an implementation-based, urban planning consultancy with offices in Sugar Land, Texas. Our national practice focuses on assisting communities in planning for, and realizing, their preferred future. KKC provides the necessary policy and spatial planning strategies, tools and techniques to –

  • aggressively pursue guiding and directing growth and development;
  • encourage sustainable and equitable use of local and regional resources;
  • ensure that development possesses qualities and values to improve economic well-being and enhance the quality of life;
  • magnify a sense of place;
  • promote community pride and strengthen neighborhood identity; and
  • stimulate adaptive and resilient growth;

– in order to foster positive change.

KKC’s unique approach encourages meaningful public engagement, a clear understanding of planning issues and implementation options, and a direct linkage between plans and ordinances to ensure they are grounded in reality, are politically feasible, and able to be implemented.

We are proud of our firm’s reputation for providing clients highly customized and responsive approaches to community planning issues, resulting in innovative and viable solutions.