For all our consulting engagements and clients we offer:

  • 30+ years of community planning experience as a firm, and well over 100 years of combined public and private sector experience among our principals.
  • Our planning experience with municipal and county/parish governments in a variety of geographic settings and political and cultural climates.
  • Perspective and insights brought to local projects from a national practice, including trends and best practices in sustainable community planning.
  • Emphasis on plan implementation from Day One, given our specific expertise in development codes and other action tools.
  • Our focus on community character, which emphasizes the physical design factors that establish and distinguish urban, suburban, and rural character and downplays the significance of, yet accounts for, specific land use functions as a primary planning and regulatory focus. KKC’s character approach also pre-dates and goes beyond the New Urbanist “transect” by recognizing the established reality of automobile-oriented settings in most communities and the need to directly address and enhance development possibilities and outcomes in such environments given their continuing market predominance.
  • Our insistence on early and ongoing outreach and the meaningful participation of community leaders and residents in all planning efforts.
  • Our leadership in the planning field through publications, speaking engagements, regular award recognition, and leadership of educational seminars for elected and advisory officials and fellow planners.


  • Certified Planners (AICP)
  • Economic Development Specialists (CEcD)
  • Land Use Attorney (Esq)
  • GIS Specialists
  • Demographers
  • Facilitators
  • Landscape Architects (PLA) and Urban Designers
  • Graphic/Web Designers